Kick-Ass 2: Matthew Vaughn Talks Sequels

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Evil may get a second ass-kicking sooner than we’d hoped.

While chatting with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn, we learned that the much speculated “on again, off again” sequel plans are almost certainly a go. “We have lots of amazing ideas for a sequel,” Vaughn told us, “but nothing confirmed yet. We don’t have a shoot date or a release date yet. Mark Millar is writing a second comic book series and everyone is keen to do a sequel.”

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The news certainly confirms what Kick-Ass scribe Mark Millar told media during last month’s Comic-Con, though also making note of Vaughn’s commitments to helm X-Men: First Class until sometime next April. “I will have finished writing the new comic by Christmas. Then, in April, we will begin working on Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall,” he told Movie Web in an interview. (X-Men: First Class, starring James McAvoy (Wanted) and Michael Fassbender (Jonah Hex), is set to release in June, 2011.) The sequel, according to Millar, will focus on Hit Girl’s attempt at a normal life and the rise of Red Mist as a real villain.

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Though the project is still unconfirmed, Vaughn is enthusiastic about their chances. “All the cast would really love to come back. I’m hoping that will be able to happen, but no promises … yet.”