Terra Nova Moves Back In Time

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Dinosaurs are the new glee clubs. Or, at least, that seems to be the hope for Fox, who plan to give Steven Spielberg’s new show Terra Nova the pre-summer preview treatment that helped build buzz for Glee last year. The network has announced that the pilot of Terra Nova – in which Life on Mars‘ Jason O’Mara stars as the head of a family forced back to the prehistoric era following an ecological disaster in the future – will be shown in May 2011, ahead of the fall launch of the show, in the same way that Glee was previewed months ahead of its official premiere in 2009. Whether this means that Fox feels like they’ve got another hit on their hands, or that they’re trying to paint a positive face on the fact that the series has been pushed out so far (It was originally discussed as a potential mid-2010/2011 season show), remains to be seen… although this move might explain what happened to the show’s non-existent Comic-Con panel last weekend.

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