Apple’s Unannounced Lala Implementation Delayed

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CNET is reporting that an unexpected video feature is currently holding up Apple’s rumored cloud-based iTunes rollout. What’s interesting about this story is that Apple hasn’t said a word about their acquisition of Lala and CNET is saying that its implementation is somehow delayed.

The article goes on to say that Apple’s had talks with the four major record labels and informed them that when the new cloud-based music service launches it will only be a soft-launch. Again, the delay appears to sit squarely on the shoulders of the team working on the “undisclosed video feature”.

But then again, I’ve always been under the impression that Lala’s acquired assets wouldn’t see the light of day until the fall when Apple typically holds their iTunes/iPod event. And it’s a safe bet that Apple’s server farm in NC will be powering the cloud-based services when it’s finished later this year.

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