Comics on Our Pull List 8/4/10

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Tomorrow is Wednesday. Plan accordingly. Make time at lunch or after work. Cut class. Make your list. Excuse yourself. New comic books are bearing down on us. Here are five comics that will be coming home with me. Visit us here at Techland for Panel of the Week and Comic Book Club later this week. Everybody is doing it.

Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #1
Five years after the Marvel Zombies plague has spread across the globe the Punisher is the Last Gun on Earth. When I first saw this title I thought it was the flip side of the coin of Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe (a 1995 one-shot that should have been a six-issue series). In that book Frank kills every hero and villain in the whole Marvel U. In this book he’ll be fighting super zombies in a post apocalyptic world. I’m planning on treating this like most horror films and looking forward to inventive kill scenes. How will Frank kill a zombie Hulk?

Supergod #4
I’m going to have to go digging for the lat issues of Supergod. I can’t even remember when #3 shipped. I do know that the world that Warren Ellis creates for a super powered arms race is worth the wait. If the powerful nations of the world were racing to create supermen instead of nukes what might that look like? So far it’s been mind bending and violent and I’m loving every page.

Daredevil Black and White #1
For a 32-page one shot this book is covering a lot of ground. First, ol’ Hornhead undergoes a surgery that returns some/most of his vision. Then Bullseye shows up; the Kingpin is running a scheme and finally a gang war erupts in Japan. That’s a lot for one issue. This isn’t in continuity, I’m assuming, so maybe it will work out fine. As the title announces rather boldly the interior is black and white and it’s penciled by a combination of Jason Latour, Mick Bertilorenzi and one of my new favorites, David Aja.

Nancy in Hell #1
Nancy died. Then Nancy went to Hell. Well, maybe. She wakes up being tormented by horrifying demons but then there’s a bar and folks with guns. So yeah, the preview pages are a bit all over the place. Listen, all you need to know is that the artist is Juan Jose Ryp, a gentlemen I am a disciple of. He was the pencil behind Black Summer and No Hero. This title, much like those two I just mentioned, is for the mature reader crowd, FYI.

Get on the band wagon! Leonardo (not the turtle) is a time traveling spaceman from the past and his steam punkery will blow your mind. Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver are really putting together something special here even if the shipping schedule is not fantastic. At least it’s 32 pages and wait, only $2.99? Marvel, I will never understand your pricing logic.

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