Lucasfilm Drops Lightsaber Lawsuit

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The silly lawsuit filed against Hong Kong-based laser manufacturer Wicked Lasers has been dropped by Lucasfilm, reports CNN.

“We are aware that, during this time you have made several statements to the media insisting that your product is not intended to resemble a lightsaber and is not marketed by your company as either a lightsaber or as having any connection with ‘Star Wars’ or Lucasfilm,” reads a letter to CNN dated July 27.

Apparently all the media are to blame because Wicked Lasers never advertised or marketed the S3 Spyder Arctic as a lightsaber, whereas most tech blogs did bringing about confusion causing Lucasfilm’s David J. Anderman to drop the hammer.

With all the hubbub over the lightsaber-esque laser, sales of the S3 tripled causing WL to hike the price up to $299 from $199, due to increased operating costs or some nonsense. The S3 was also updated with a safety switch and now fires up 20 percent below maximum strength by default.