Rdio Breaks Out of Beta, Available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android

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After a short beta period, the latest cloud-based music subscription service Rdio is now available across all platforms (desktop, BlackBerry, Android, iOS) with over 7 million songs. As is standard with other music services like MOG or Thumbplay, Rdio lets subscribers stream playlists and add new songs to existing collections that presumably sync back and forth. But unlike MOG, Rdio works with Apple’s iOS4+ multitasking.

The cost of entry is $9.99/month for unlimited Web and mobile access or $4.99 for just Web access in the U.S. and Canada. Everything is ad-free, in case you’re wondering. The following are differentiators or what Rdio considers “key features”.

• Play anything you want without paying per tune. Rdio has music from all of the major labels (EMI Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group) and leading indie aggregators. Whether you want to listen to the latest Top 40 album or indie artist, Rdio has more than seven million songs in its library.

• Match your iTunes library. Match music from your iTunes or Windows Media Player collection to instantly build your Rdio library. Rdio’s matching tool makes it simple and automatic.

• Discover new songs, socially. Rdio is like Twitter for music. Follow friends and people with great taste in music to discover new songs and keep your catalog fresh.

• Manage and access your music – no matter where you are. Discover new songs, update a playlist, and listen to your entire collection no matter where you are. No cables, no computer hassles.

• Create and listen to collaborative playlists. Rdio users have created playlists with creative and descriptive names, making it easy to pick a playlist based on your mood. Rdio takes the effort out of deciding what to listen to next.

• Let Rdio decide what to play next. Click play on “Artist Radio” to discover music from an artist and others like them. Rdio can also recommend new music based on artists you like.

• Listen offline. Add songs to your “offline library” and turn your smartphone into an MP3 player replacement. When you’re on an airplane or without a connection, you can listen to your entire library of songs that you’ve synced to your phone.

• See what’s popular. Check out the music collection “bubbles” to see what people listen to most. One glance and you’ll see if it’s someone you’d like to follow, and you can see what music you’re playing the most in your own collection.

• Download music. You can also download songs to keep at an average price of $.99 per track.

Rdio [iTunes]