The Dark Knight’s Return: Arkham Sequel Out in Fall 2011

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Things have been quiet in Gotham. Too quiet.

Batman: Arkham Asylum blew everyone’s minds last year as the surprise hit was unanimously anointed the Best Superhero Game Ever by critics and players. The game delivered a playable Batman who used deduction, brutal combat and unparalleled stealth in a seamless fusion of gameplay.

A sequel was announced at last year’s Spike Video Game Awards but the game no-showed at both E3 and Comic-Con this year. A Game of the Year edition included a new 3D conversion and the downloadable challenge maps but nothing new as far as clues to the sequel But, details are popping up now that the game’s on the cover of the new Game Informer.

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The game’s official title is Batman: Arkham City and, as the teaser trailer last year hinted, the action’s moving off Arkham Island and into Gotham City proper. Catwoman’s on the GI cover and, with a glimpse of the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge nightclub, one can probably assume that characters who didn’t show up in Arkham Asylum will be lurking in the city.

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As for me, I’d love for there to be some co-op crimefighting in this one. Rumors are already putting a voice actor for Nightwing in the game and, after watching Batman and the former Robin work as a team in Under the Red Hood, it’d be awesome to control fight choreography like that. It wouldn’t just have to be Nightwing, either. Cat-burglar cover girl Selina Kyle’s helped out Bruce Wayne’s alter ego before, as has Batgirl, Huntress and Gotham’s other protectors.

Stay tuned for more news on Batman: Arkham City as we get it.