Legends & Killers DLC Comes to Red Dead Redemption

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As we detailed a month ago, Rockstar’s got a stack of DLC planned for their hit Western. The first of those add-ons hits next week and a new trailer reveals even more what all’s going to be in there. Aside from the new tomahawk weapon, new multiplayer maps and new gameplay challenges, players will get one big treat, too.


The characters from Red Dead Revolver–Rockstar’s first foray into cowboy action territory–will be playable in the various multiplayer modes. So if you’re itching to see if Red Harlow’s quicker on the draw than Josh Marston, then Legends and Killers will give you the chance.

The new DLC  hits on August 10 and will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10.00) on Xbox Live and $9.99 on the PlayStation Network.