Why Doesn’t DC Comics Offer Vertigo Titles On Its App?

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Here’s something for the comics conspiracy theorists amongst you: DC Comics’ iPhone/iPad app no longer offers any titles from the Vertigo line, although they’re still available on ComiXology’s own app. More meat for those who’re convinced that new publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee have a hidden agenda to take the mature readers imprint apart, piece by piece? Not exactly; Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 blog contacted ComiXology for an explanation and found out that it’s all about the apps’ individual target audiences:

Yes, the DC app is a 12+ age-rated app, while Comics by comiXology is a 17+ app. Vertigo title[s] purchased on our app or at comics.comixology.com will appear in the DC app, as long as you’re logged in as the same comiXology user.

Admittedly, I’m now wondering whether this will lead to Vertigo getting its own app somewhere down the line…

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