Ten Jaw-Dropping Versions of the Star Wars Theme

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Of all the thousands of covers of John Williams’ main title theme from “Star Wars” floating around on YouTube, perhaps the most impressively elaborate is the a cappella group Moosebutter’s split-screen vocalese rendition, subtitled “John Williams Is the Man”:

And yet, somehow, it’s even more awesome that this kid recorded a marimba tribute to the a cappella version’s video:

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Disco producer Meco, a.k.a. Domenico Monardo, was obsessed with Star Wars–allegedly, he watched it four times on its opening weekend. His disco version of John Williams’ theme went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100:

Reggae trombone legend Rico Rodriguez, apparently taking advantage of the fact that his name rhymes with “Meco,” recorded his own version, retitled “Ska Wars”:

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Guitar wonk supreme (and sometime Guns ‘n Roses member) Buckethead was caught on videotape performing his own shreddy version:

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