Verizon’s Upcoming Roadmap Leaked, Lots of Android, No Mention of iPhone

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One of BGR’s many insiders has revealed key details in Verizon’s upcoming roadmap for the latter half of 2010 and 2011. Contrary to reports that Verizon would be getting the iPhone in early 2011, there are plenty of Android-powered devices of various sizes and form factors slated for big red.

Motorola is working on a Droid Pro world phone that will purportedly have a 1.3GHz processor and 4-inch screen that could launch as early as November. A “slab form-factor” full touch-screen Android (2.2) device is also said to be on the way. The most notable device from Motorola could be the rumored 10-inch tablet. Depending on when Android 3.0 launches, the tablet could launch in December or February 2011 with a 1GHz or 1.3GHz processor and front-facing camera.

A generous amount of Android devices will be coming before the end of the year, including world phones from Samsung and HTC. Samsung is expected to release a 7-inch tablet with front-facing camera, as well.

There’s news on Verizon’s LTE network, too. By April 2012, Verizon hopes to have “at least 75%” of the country covered. Novatel will launch an LTE MiFi hotspot sometime in the first quarter of 2011. Data pricing for the super-fast network will supposedly fall in line with current data plans at $60/month but it’s not clear if that entails a 5GB cap.