Comics on Our Pull List 8/11/10

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New comics drop tomorrow. Tomorrow, man. I hope you reviewed yesterday’s list of new comics. Here are five comics that I really want to be good reads. I want to believe in them and what they stand for. Time for a saving throw against mediocrity. As always come on back later in the week for the Comic Book Club and Panel of the Week.

Batgirl #13
Stephanie Brown is going to channel Robert Downy Jr’s Sherlock Homes when she tackles a classic whodunit. As Batgirl continues to be put through her paces as the latest member of the Bat Family she has her first obligatory tête à tête with Clayface. Batgirl has been refreshing bat-reading especially after the continuity celebration that the main Bat titles have become. This issue takes place in a locked bank so we probably won’t see much of the costume but that could be good because it probably means we won’t see her ridiculous circus cannon ‘motorcycle’ either.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1
Let no one deny Mark Millar of writing pop culture’s soup du jour: vampires. The last arc of Ultimate Comics Avengers featured a black ops team consisting of Hawkeye, Nerd Hulk, War Machine, the new Black Widow, and the Punisher. I say featured loosely because we basically got six issues of the Ghost Rider fighting another Ghost Rider. In volume three it looks like the same who cares team of Avengers will probably fight Blade for an issue and half before taking on actual vampires. Oh, and there’s a new Daredevil in the old yellow costume. I kind of already hate myself for buying this.

Morning Glory #1
For this week’s Issue Number One I’m going to go with a book described as Runaways meets Lost by its own writer. Morning Glory Academy is a renowned prep school but it’s also full of mysteries. Six brilliant but troubled new students have to navigate (and survive) the halls of Morning Glory. The art of Joe Eisma looked great in the preview pages and that is really selling me on this book but I’m always interested in seeing how writers handle so called ‘genius’ characters.

Superman #702
In this installment of ‘Superman Walks Across America’ Clark finds himself in Ohio. During his time there he apparently discovers a number of actual from-another-planet aliens. Presumably he puts shiny red boot to alien ass. We’ll see. He’s got a tough act to follow with his performance in Philly. No way can he set houses on fire and quietly condone suicide across the whole country can he? Can he!?!?

X-Force: Sex and Violence #2
There is nothing about this series that I’m not excited about. Domino has cheesed off the Assassins Guild and is now being hunted by them. Ninja (ninji?) are getting hacked and shot to pieces so of course Wolverine crashes the party. Since Logan is a five foot nothing grease ball of course Domino can’t keep her hands off him. Gabriele Del’otto is the artist as if that all wasn’t good enough.