This Must Happen: Ben Caldwell’s New Wonder Woman

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Forget a jacket and some pants, this is the Wonder Woman makeover I’d love to see: Cartoonist Ben Caldwell has posted parts of his proposal for a series of Wonder Woman graphic novels aimed at teen girls on his blog, although he (depressingly) admits, “don’t get excited (or horrified, depending on your point of view), it will certainly never happen.” I couldn’t hope he was wrong any more than I already do; his “action-packed, self-contained” stories that place an “emphasis on the thrills and pitfalls of romantic love… friendships and their complications… and learning to be a hero and leader” sound much more exciting than the character’s current do-over, and also more in tune with a target audience that seems to have been abandoned. Or maybe I just want to see more of the Bruce Wayne/Diana romance.

Caldwell isn’t a stranger to either DC Comics or Wonder Woman; he wrote and drew the character’s strip in last year’s amazing Wednesday Comics.

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