Adidas Sneaker Phone is Pretty Much Just How it Sounds

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Do you like Adidas shoes? Do you use a cell phone? Do you like Adidas shoes enough to get a cell phone that looks just like an Adidas shoe?

You’ll have to get it from China and it’s not entirely clear whether the "Adidass808" has Adidas’ legal blessing or not, but the ~$80 handset sure looks cool if you’re into shoe-inspired flip phones.

The top vaguely resembles a laced-up Samba, and the phone’s Call and End buttons are little Adidas logos.


The backside of the phone is the coolest part, though, with rubber sneaker treads providing an extra layer of protection and grip.


Under the hood is a relatively ho-hum set of features but, hey, if you’re thinking of buying this phone for anything more than style points, there are plenty of boring non-shoe flip phones available here for less.

[ (translated) via IntoMobile]

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