Panel of the Week 8/11/10

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It’s time to take a look at some of the most noteworthy scenes from yesterday’s comics. It’s time to laugh and cry and be thankful and all that. So let’s sit down in front of our Stuart Smalley mirrors and let’s affirm, y’know? It’s time for gun-hands, Superman Nike endorsements, Iron Persons, Claygirl, and LOST jokes. It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Ultimate Avengers 3 #1
We chat about this book over in Comic Book Club this week so head over there for a more in depth analysis. In the mean time consider the unknown, unspeaking, Iron Man-like character that appears in this issue. He’s sporting what appears to be an old Mark I model from the 616 universe. The Ultimate Iron Man armors never looked anything like this. Tony Stark is running around right now in a black and silver War Machine get up but he is known to be relatively broke since the Ultimatum Wave. Maybe he’s had to downgrade in light of all that? (Or maybe it’s just Kick-Ass in a new costume…)

Superman #702
Superman plays a pack of neighborhood ballers in a game of one on six. A light hearted sneaker commercial dropped into an otherwise heavy handed PSA about broken local American economies. At the end of this issue I was expecting the saved workforce to jump into a freeze frame, arms in the air, after Superman reminds us that knowing is half the battle.

X-Force Sex and Violence #2
Gabriele Dell’Otto drawing Bushwacker completes me. I know that he’s an old Daredevil rogue but I always associate him as a gentlemen who gets his ass kicked by the Punisher. I’m only slightly let down by the fact that we don’t get to see him eating ammunition to ‘reload’ that wicked arm of his. Maybe he doesn’t need to do that anymore since he’s discovered he’s a mutant?

Batgirl #13
I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on Stephanie. I know that she was already tortured and killed back when she was an unsanctioned Robin but as fun as this book is it’s all feeling a little too Saturday morning. This is a Bat title after all. When does Steph fight some inner demons or beat a criminal within an inch of his life? We got a glimpse when she asked the cop to shoot her to prove her identity in a fight against Clayface but I want more.

Morning Glories #1
In case you hadn’t heard the writer of this book, Nick Spencer, loves LOST. After reading the first issue of Glories I can see that that is no exaggeration. Glories has an ensemble cast, a character driven plot, and huge effing mysteries. If that wasn’t enough we see a driver holding a placard to pick up Carlton Cuse AKA the executive producer of LOST. Let’s hope that there aren’t as many red herrings here as in the idolized TV show. We have to wait a month between installments in the comics world. I can forget a lot in a month.