MoGo Talk XD iPhone 4 Case Houses Tiny Bluetooth Headset

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Available September 1st for around $100, the MoGo Talk XD Headset for iPhone 4 blends a thin protective case that holds a flat-folding Bluetooth headset measuring just 0.2 inches thick. The idea behind the product is to have your Bluetooth headset with you at all times, conveniently housed in your phone’s protective casing.

The case features a Micro USB slot for charging the headset, which is good for about four hours of talk time. The headset comes with several sizes of flexible earpieces “that flex-form to each individual ear for superior in-ear comfort and a secure fit,” according to the company’s press release.


Previous MoGo headset owners are able to purchase just the iPhone 4 case for $35 and then use their current MoGo Bluetooth earpieces.

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