PS3s Get Bigger Hard Drives

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We’ve already talked about the console + accessory bundles Sony’s going to be rolling out this fall to coincide with the Playstation Move launch. And now the Japanese game giant’s just announced that they’ll be bumping the storage capacity on the two PS3 Slim models.

New buyers will get 160 GB at the price of the current 120 GB system. Retailers should be getting this bigger model in stores this week. Also, for 50 bucks more than the current 250 GB system, you’ll be getting a 320 GB console, a Playstation Move controller, the Playstation Eye camera and a copy of the Sports Champions game that’ll use the Move controller.  That’s a great deal. I’d place a pre-order now if I were in the market for a PS3.

No word on what the 320 GB model will cost without the bundle, yet, though.