5 Heroes Who Totally Should Be Jedi Already

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The Jedi! Those calm, peaceful warriors who keep the universe safe from danger – Well, apart from when they’re not being slaughtered by the Sith, of course – with their lightsabers, telepathic powers and repression of all emotions other than smugness (That is an emotion, right? I can’t keep them straight after Blackest Night explained that “will” and “compassion” were also emotions. I think smugness’ color is mauve). If there’s one thing that Star Wars has taught us, it’s that Jedi Knights are exactly what a hero should be, but that got me thinking. Which other iconic fictional heroes could cut it as Jedi? Here’re my picks.

Green Lantern
Pros: Hal Jordan is pretty much already a Jedi – He belongs to an ancient intergalactic peacekeeping force, he controls a powerful weapon, and he’s been taught that will is more powerful than emotion. All he needs are the robes and a lightsaber, and he’s pretty much there.
Cons: Hal has some emotional issues. Like that time he let himself get possessed by the embodiment of fear and tried to destroy reality, or that other time he got so angry he started vomiting blood. Maybe not really Jedi material, then.

Pros: Half-Vulcan, Spock has studied the supression of emotion to such a degree that even Yoda would be proud. Also, he has vast “universe saving” experience, is well versed in alien cultures, and has cool ears.
Cons: Sadly, Spock is unlikely to accept Jedi mysticism without scientific analysis, and there’s always the possibility that he’d just throw the lightsaber away in fights in order to try his Vulcan Neck Pinch instead (Although maybe he could do the VNP using the Force. Which would be awesome).

Optimus Prime
Pros: Cool in a crisis, and used to awesome responsibility being placed on his robotic shoulders, Optimus knows what it’s like to be a hero gifted with cosmic powers (That matrix of leadership/creation matrix/whatever it’s called in your favorite version is much stronger than the Force, you know) and make it look easy. Plus, have you heard that voice? Definitely Jedi potential.
Cons: He’s a robot. Do robots have the Force? I mean, they really seem to have a raw deal in the SW Universe, so I can’t imagine he’d have an easy time of it in Jedi Academy.

Harry Potter
Pros: Never mind Anakin Skywalker – No, really, don’t; it doesn’t end well – our young Mr. Potter knows a thing or three about having an important destiny, super powers, overcoming fears for the good of everything that exists and wearing flowing robes. And, if you squint just right, doesn’t that wand look a little like a tiny lightsaber at times?
Cons: He’s a little young. And he’d end up disobeying Yoda, Mace Windu and everyone else at the Jedi Academy in order to get in annoying japes and perilous adventures, and then have to come up with some ridiculous magic spell because Ron Weasley cut his own foot off with a lightsaber.

Pros: He’s Batman.
More Pros: You don’t have to worry about him turning to the dark side. He is the darkness. And still a good guy.
Cons: There are none.

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