Exclusive: First Look at Clone Wars Adventures Mini-game Attack Cruiser

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Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is tentatively scheduled to launch on September 15 for the PC with a public beta sometime before that. That’s two days ahead of the premiere of Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network.

We tried the game out at E3 earlier this year and then again at Comic-Con last month. Kids and adults alike can train to be a Jedi, engage in epic lightsaber duels with friends or have little AT-AT or astromech droids as pets. It’s definitely aimed at a younger demographic but a handful of mini-games might entice parents or kids at heart to jump into the Clone Wars universe.

One in particular lets you fling Jar Jar Binks across the screen as part of your training. There’s something sadistically satisfying about doing so. Others include:

• Speederbike Racing: Gather your friends, fire up your engines and get ready for fun in Speederbike Racing, this fast action game pushes you to the edge as you race against the very best the galaxy has to offer.
• Republic Defender: Face off against the endless onslaught of Separatist forces as you build and upgrade the ultimate defense in the Republic Defender tower defense game.
• Lightsaber Dueling: Face off against the Republic’s greatest Jedi in epic lightsaber duels!

But Attack Cruiser just might be the best one, which we’re exclusively revealing today on Techland. SOE’s Matt Higby gave us a live demo of the unannounced mini-game that puts you in control of a Republic Star Cruiser in three different different locations above Coruscant, Geonosis and the Outer Rim. Your objective is to keep a designated area clear of Empire ships. Companion ships are accessible via power-ups, too.

Clone Wars Adventures is a free-to-play title but there’s an optional monthly membership of $5.99/month that unlocks other features should you feel so inclined. A CWA Galactic Passport will launch in the fall in North America and will include a 90-day membership, 500 Station Cash for micro-transactions, a Yoda monitor topper and a code to unlock Togruta as a playable character.

I’m sort of excited, I won’t lie.