Ice Bucket Keeps Ice Dry, Features Two Sizes in One

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The crowdsourcing community over at has unveiled its latest creation as the Twice Ice Bucket. It’s made of two chambers—a half-gallon one and a 2/3-gallon one—and can be flipped on either end to suit whatever size beverage or beverages you’d like to keep cold.

In the middle of the bucket, there’s a flexible bowl-shaped silicone strainer that keeps the ice where it’s supposed to be while letting the melting water drip down into the unused chamber. You pop the strainer down into place when you flip the bucket over in order to maximize the interior volume.


The bucket is made of rigid frosted plastic, water-tight brushed metal end caps, and also includes ice tongs and a bottle opener for good measure. Presale pricing starts at $55 for the first 1,180 units sold.

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