Panel of the Week 8/18/10

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Here are some panels from some comics that came out this week. I don’t think any of these panels are scruffy looking at all. Today we’ve got improvised adamantium weapons, thunderous applause, backwards talk, a sailor’s life, and one helluva murder-suicide. It’s that time readers, here is your Panel of the Week!

Marvel Universe vs The Punisher #2
A couple few weeks ago when this miniseries was kicking off one of the questions I asked aloud was how is the Punisher going to kill a crazy zombie cannibal Hulk. I didn’t have to wait long for the answer. Step one: you cut a whole in a box. Step two: you break one of Wolverine’s claws off and make it an arrow head. Step three: you shoot the Hulk in the eye.

Supergirl #55
I haven’t read much Supergirl since she had that story arc over in Superman/Batman a while back. I try to stay away from the fan war regarding what her costume should look like. Then I saw that this issue featured a new Bizarrogirl character and I had no choice. This is all a real conundrum for me because reading Bizarro word bubbles can be infuriating but I just love Bizarro characters.

Hulk #24
This was it. This was the shot that brought down the Red Hulk. One of Banner’s infamous hand claps. A move, not unlike the Fastball Special or the fingers interlaced two handed punch, that is becoming trademark Marvel. It’s an OK maneuver I suppose. But consider that a few pages earlier the Red Hulk slammed Banner so hard that a mushroom cloud shot into the sky and this seems like weak sauce.

Set to Sea
We discuss this over in Comic Book Club this week. Discuss isn’t the right word, we praise it. I’ve been holding onto an early copy of this book for weeks and weeks waiting to talk about it. Every page is a single gorgeous cross hatched panel that tells the story of a hulking poet forced into the life of a sailor. Do yourself a favor and go out and buy this small hardcover gem.

Ex Machina #50
I could have done all five panels for this week’s installment from this one issue. With so many shocking reveals to choose from Hundred murdering Kremlin might just be the least interesting! Think about that for a second. I’ll go spoiler free for the rest of this bit but man, I did not see this coming and I couldn’t believe it even when I turned the page and saw this. RIP Krem.

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