Pimp Out Your Playstation 3 Pad with a Slave 1 Sofa and Other Star Wars Furniture

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You’ve gotta be a hardcore fan to spend any time at all in Playstation Home. It takes true dedication for a person to care for an avatar that doesn’t enhance your gameplay experience whatsoever.

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So, for the Star Wars-loving, PS3-owning fanatics who don’t feel like getting down with scavenger hunts in the Playstation Home virtual space, they can just plunk down $10 for a set of lovely Empire Strikes Back furnishings. I’m not crazy about that Millenium Falcon chair but Han Solo in Carbonite and that AT-ST side table have interior design win written all over them. (Bigger version here.) I daresay that I’d bring a piece like the AT-AT table into my home. Yes, I would. How long my girlfriend would let it stay there would be another question entirely‚Ķ