Rumor: Zynga Prepping ‘CityVille’ Social Game?

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Even if you’ve never played Zynga’s more popular titles such as Mafia Wars or FarmVille, you’ve probably heard of them, especially if you’re on Facebook. Ever seen one of those cryptic status updates from someone else’s feed? “Karen saved a baby duck!” Well, hooray for Karen. apparently stumbled upon an accidentally-published forum on Zynga’s site with the title “CityVille.” That forum has since been removed, but not before grabbed the above screenshot. Add to that the fact that, back in March, Zynga reportedly surveyed players of its other games in order to gauge interest in a city-building game.

CityVille would compete with Facebook game Social City, which cleared over 12 million users per month earlier this year according to Inside Social Games. So there definitely appears to be a market. Hell, I might even try it out–I’m a SimCity nut.

“Doug has zoned three squares as medium density residential. Doug has raised commercial taxes by one percent. Doug has built a small park.”

Ah, the status updates. Facebook gaming, here I come.

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