Plum Loco: Gun Loco Trailer Makes No Sense Whatsoever

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After posting initial impressions and images of Square Enix’s upcoming Gun Loco earlier in the week, I was really hoping a trailer would help me understand what to expect. Well, after watching the trailer five times, I still have no idea whether the sprint-action shooter is going to crazy good or crazy bad.

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Things that trouble me: this trailer’s in English, a language I feel pretty confident in my command of. Yet I understood almost none of the sounds coming out of the characters’ mouths. One thing that did strike me while watching the sculpted cartoon characters shoot each other up was that Gun Loco reminds me a lot of God Hand, the bizarre PS2 brawler that Capcom put out a while back. Only with less weird sex-fetish stuff.

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The Gun Loco clip promises another announcement on Monday. Please, God, let it be something that will make sense in my ears.