Sanyo Pocket Camcorder Packs Optical Zoom, Flash for Photos

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Don’t look now, but Sanyo may have just jumped to the head of the pocket camcorder pack with the PD2—a hybrid camcorder and digital camera with a 3x optical zoom, flash, and 1080p video recording. It’ll be available next month for around $170, according to DVICE.

The big feature here is the 3x optical zoom, which is not commonly found on pocket camcorders in the sub-$200 price range. Sanyo’s big on still photos, too, so it’s added a flash to the top of the camera just above the 10-megapixel sensor.

Other features include a 2-inch LCD screen, separate video and photo capture buttons that don’t require switching between modes, the ability to snap still photos while you’re shooting video, HDMI output, face detection, dual microphones, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, flip-out USB connector, YouTube/Picasa/Facebook uploading, and built-in image stabilization.

Images and video are captured to SD cards with Sanyo supporting next-generation SDXC cards, which currently top out at 64GB and are expected to keep growing in capacity.

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