Contest: Win a Beta Code for Clone Wars Adventures

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After a long stretch of waiting, Sony Online Entertainment launched the public beta of Clone Wars Adventures this past weekend. The lucky folks who got approved got the first peeks of a massive Force-infused virtual world. In the upcoming game, masters and padawans alike will get the chance to have lightsaber duels with Obi-Wan, take part in epic space battles and, best of all, blow up Jar Jar over and over again.

Jedi wannabes can head over to and hit the register button to try to get into the beta. You can’t mind trick a server farm, though, no matter how much you really want to. Lucky for you, then, that we’ve got ten codes to give away.

All you need to do to win is comment below about why how the younglings in your life have expressed their Star Wars devotion. Impress us with tales of your little Jedi (or Sith, let’s be real here) and you’ll get an e-mail with a beta key for Clone Wars Adventures. The contest closes at midnight tonight.

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