New Brightest Day Image Defies Gravity, Teases Cosmic Events

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DC Comics has released a new promotional image for their Brightest Day event, one that links together already-released alternate covers with previously unseen material for a round-robin tease that cries out for decryption.

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What seems obvious: It’s all the Brightest Day returnees from beyond the grave, sitting around an image that seems to feature the various cosmic entities that personify the various Lantern Corps from Blackest Night. But, if nothing else, the image asks lots of questions: Is it significant that Hawkman and Hawkwoman are looking away from each other? Who is the mysterious figure above Deadman’s head holding the White Lantern (And what’s with the green chains around them)? Is that Krona’s hand or the Anti-Monitor’s, holding the cosmos above which Nekron rises? Or someone else, altogether?

If there’s one thing that DC is very good at, it’s releasing images like this and getting people talking. Here’s hoping that the storyline pays off all the buzz.

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