Today’s Awesome Mash-Up: Classic Hip-Hop Album Covers with Superheroes [Updated]

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In a sheer stroke of brilliance, flickr user kennykeil recreates album art from iconic rap releases with characters from Marvel DC Comics.

The Spidey one riffs on the Great Adventures of Slick Rick, where the Ruler’s pose own pose invoked superhero body language. And peep the Green Goblin and Gwen Stacy drama unfolding in the background. My favorites are the Power Man and Iron Fist joint–which works on a few levels since EPMD‘s album titles always had a business/money-making theme and the two Marvel characters were Heroes for Hire–and the Madrox/A Tribe Called Quest one for replicating the headshots of Tribe’s classic third album.

And seeing Thanagarian policeman Hawkman in a gangsta pose? Hilarious.

[Update: Added art from originals and homages.]