All Doug Liman Needs Is Kill

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Director Doug Liman may have flirted with SF action movies before – I’m one of those who prefers to pretend that Jumper doesn’t really exist – but now that he’s been confirmed as the director of All You Need Is Kill, based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 novel, I’m hoping he’ll bring his full-on Bourne Identity kinetic energy to the job.

Kill, released last year in the US by Viz Media, is a videogame-inspired alien invasion war story that follows its protagonist as he dies repeatedly while fighting off a seemingly unbeatable invasion, only to find himself reborn at the start of the same day, with the chance to level up (Imagine Groundhog Day meets Cloverfield meets Scott Pilgrim). The novel is a fast-paced, fun read, and given Liman’s track record, he could definitely do a great job of bringing it to life; his announcement as director comes, apparently, after months of discussions about the posiiton.

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