I Need This: GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer

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It’s a known fact that TV networks crank the volume to 11 when programming switches to commercials. It can be both annoying and frightening all at once.

Gefen appears to have a fix for the nuisance with the GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer. Think of it as a volume attenuator, like the one you get with the purchase of high-end headphones to use on the plane so your eardrums don’t get blown out by the pilot or flight attendant.

Using Dolby Volume technology, the AVS works with just about any system you may have and even works with CDs and audio mixes to keep levels consistent. Three I/Os are available (analog, optical, coax) with a bypass feature, as well.

It’s a bit steep at $179, though.

Gefen [Product Page]