OnMyWay Uses Your Phone’s GPS to Relay Tardiness to Others

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If you’re perpetually late and you can’t afford a personal assistant because that aforementioned lateness causes you to miss out on fancy, lucrative business deals with marginally trustworthy individuals, maybe you’d benefit from something like OnMyWay.

It won’t help you get places on time, per se, but it’ll e-mail whomever you’re meeting with a custom message saying something like “Totes sorry, stuck in traffic. Miz.”

You enter your destination and the e-mail addresses of those you’re meeting before you leave the house. The app uses your phone’s GPS chip to sense whether or not you’re going to make it on time and shoots out an e-mail at a specified time if you’re not where you should be.

OnMyWay has been available for BlackBerry phones since March but it’s now available for free from the iPhone App Store and the Android Market.

[via JKontheRun]

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