Will New Comic Day Change Next Year?

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New comics may still hit shelves on Wednesdays next year, but they may do so sooner than you’ve become used to. Bleeding Cool once again raises the rumor that Diamond Distributors are considering moving comic deliveries to stores from Wednesdays to Tuesdays, adding a date that it’s supposed to take place: January 2011. Apparently, the successful early-shipping-without-stores-breaking-embargo of both last year’s Blackest Night #6 and this summer’s Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour have convinced the distributor that stores can be trusted to receive shipments a day early without immediately putting the books up for sale.

If true, this change will finally end the Wednesday crush for a lot of stores, who have to rush to unpack and stock shelves immediately and are at the mercy of whenever their UPS delivery appears (I’ve heard of stores who haven’t received their new books until the Wednesday evening, and had to spend the entire day telling disappointed customers that their comics aren’t there yet). According to Bleeding Cool, an announcement on the matter may be forthcoming from Diamond as soon as next week.

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