Hobbit Movie To Feature Lord Of The Rings Characters?

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Despite rumors to the contrary, former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy will not be starring in the title role of Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit… because he’s apparently in the running for another, less short, more powerful role in the movie instead.

BleedingCool cites “a 100% trustworthy source close to the situation,” and claims that McCoy will play Radagast the Brown in the upcoming movies. Considering that Radagast doesn’t actually appear in The Hobbit novel, and was cut out of the movie version of The Fellowship Of The Ring despite appearing in that novel, I’m not sure how much stock to put in this rumor. Either it’s entirely wrong, or else Jackson’s expansion of Tolkien’s novel includes characters from other works, which isn’t entirely impossible, and does make the new movies sound even more interesting. Developing, as they say.

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