Nintendo Drops Price on DSi Models

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If you’re one of the dozen people in the world who don’t yet have Nintendo’s ultra-popular DS handheld gaming systems, then you’ll be able to get one cheaper than ever. The Japanese gaming giant’s dropping the price on every iteration of their second-generation dual-screen portables by $20. This means that the price tag on the DSi goes from $170 to $150 and the DSi XL will be available for $170, down from $190. The baseline DS Lite model will stay at $130.

Of course, we know that the Nintendo 3DS will be coming out next year but this new pricing strategy may give some insight as to how much the 3D-capable handheld will retail for. The new price tiers leave open a window from $180 to $200, and Nintendo probably wouldn’t want to have a handheld retail for more than their home console. More on this as it develops.