5 More Songs For DC Comics’ 75th Birthday Celebration

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As part of its 75th birthday celebrations, DC Comics announced today that they’re releasing an album called The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection, collecting 31 pieces of music from various movie and TV adaptations of DC properties for your listening, uh, “pleasure.” Described as “all the essential sounds and songs” from DC’s 75th year history, the album includes music from the 1960s Batman show, the awesome theme song from the 1970s Wonder Woman show (“Fighting for our rights! In your satin tights! And the old red, white and bluuuuuuuuueeeeee….!”) and, of course, Danny Elfman’s Batman theme from the 1989 movie and Batman: The Animated Series. But “all the essential sounds and songs”? I beg to differ. After all, where’s this classic?

Or this one? (That organ solo at 0:55? You can’t tell me you don’t think that’s awesome.)

And why are Batman’s vocal talents being ignored?

Or those of his rogues gallery?

Admittedly, maybe it’s better that Superman’s musical is better forgotten…

…but they couldn’t work out some way to get this on the album?

Maybe they’re saving it for a second volume. Fingers can be crossed, right…?

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