New Xbox 360 Controller to Feature Fighting-Friendly D-Pad? [Updated with Video and Release Date]

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Joystiq‘s relaying a rumor that Microsoft will be rolling out a new 360 controller with a d-pad where players can adjust the height, with a twist of the d-pad. The proposed redesign is purportedly a move to appeal to fighting game fans.

As someone who spent many hours in college skipping class to play Tekken on the PS1 and PS2, I can attest to the disappointment that flooded over me the first time I tried to play Namco’s fighting game when it finally hit the Xbox years ago. I’ve never been a fight-stick dude and the suckiness of the 360 controller’s d-pad meant that I abandoned Tekken on the 360, even though more people play on Xbox Live.

Anyway, a quick check of the official Xbox site finds a listing for a “Wireless Controller with Transforming D-Pad,” which has no release date set. If this shiny¬†matte silver joint is in fact the same controller, Joystiq’s source claims a holiday release and, if that’s the case, fingers everywhere would have a happy Christmas.


Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has confirmed details on the new controller, along with giving a release date and showing off the d-pad transformation. It’ll be out on November 9th.

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