Preview Dead Rising 2 Today with Case Zero DLC, Only on Xbox Live

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There’s little less than a month to go until Capcom’s zombie apocalypse sequel comes to PS3 and Xbox 360. But, only fans with a Microsoft game console will be able to see what Chuck Greene’s weapon-building skills are all about.

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Out today exclusively for Xbox Live, the Case Zero prequel to Dead Rising 2 introduces players Chuck and his ailing daughter Katey. Case Zero happens two years after the first Dead Rising game and three years before the events in DR2, chronicling Chuck’s desperate attempts to stop his daughter from becoming a zombie after being bitten in another outbreak. Here’s how Capcom describes it:

In need of fuel and looking to stock up on supplies, Chuck and Katey stop at the small desert town of Still Creek, where all initially seems as peaceful as its name suggests. But shortly after their arrival a containment zone is breached and the undead begin to shuffle into town.  To make matters worse, someone steals Chuck’s truck so now they have no way to leave. With Katey needing a shot of Zombrex very soon, Chuck has no option but to search Still Creek’s zombie infested streets for the drug, and a way out of town.

In Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO, just like the full game, Chuck will be able to use his handyman skills and a roll of duct tape to combine two items to create powerful combo weapons. Not only do these combo weapons make killing zombies easier and a often a lot more gruesome, they have the added benefit of earning Chuck additional Prestige Points which in turn result in quicker levelling up.

During his search for Zombrex and a new ride, Chuck will be able to explore the streets and stores of Still Creek, encountering Survivors, unbitten humans that Chuck can choose to save or leave as a zombie feast before taking on a Psycho, one of the signature bosses of the Dead Rising series.

Players purchasing Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO will not just be rewarded with a piece of unique and compelling content that will deliver gripping gameplay and bridge the story between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, but those who then go on to buy Dead Rising 2 will be able to carry over character attributes earned such as Player Level, to a maximum of five, Prestige Points alongside skills, Combo Cards and a number of alternate outfits.

Case Zero will cost 400 Microsoft points ($5) and, if you think it’s just an overpriced demo, then remember you’ll be getting a headstart on all those SOL PS3 owners.