Wonder Woman Struts Her Stuff in DC Universe Online

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Hey, she’s a member of the DC Comics’ holy trinity so you knew she was going to show up. Still, it’s good to see Princess Diana lassoing up Greco-Roman demons alongside some create-a-characters. It’s a safe bet that Paradise Island/Themyscria will be one of the environments that the MMO’s missions will send you to, like Metropolis and Gotham City.

But the most interesting thing about the appearance of the oldest and most famous super-heroine is the fact that she’s sporting her classic star-and-stripes look, not the leather jacket look that debuted a few months back. Even though DC Comics co-publisher and artist extraordinaire Jim Lee designed both Diana’s new look and the character model for DCUO, it seems like the common wisom holds that the classic version is still more readily identifiable and marketable.

Look for DC Universe Online on PS3 and PC this fall.