Apple’s 4G iPods: The Specs Sheet

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During Apple’s live announcement of upcoming products, Steve Jobs announced an all-new line of iPods, available in stores next week.

Here’s what we know so far: (Updates as they’re available.)

iPod Shuffle:

Runs VoiceOver
Ability to use playlists and genius mixes
2GB allows for 15 hours of music storage
Available in five different colors
Wearable clip

Price: $49

iPod Nano:

New multi-touch interface (No more click-wheel)
24 hours of audio playback
Built-in FM radio
Supports VoiceOver
Available in seven different colors
Wearable clip

Price Points:

8GB: $149
16GB: $179

iPod Touch:

New Retina display, 960×640, 3.5″ screen (twin of the iPhone 4)
A4 processing chip
3-axis gyro
Front and rear facing cameras
Runs video chat platform FaceTime (Will work between iPods and iPhone 4s)

Price Points:

8GB: $229
32GB: $299
64GB: $399

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