Seth Green Unleashes End Of Free Will Web Show

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Seth Green has watched The Truman Show and EdTV far too many times. How else to explain his new online project with Robot Chicken partner Matthew Senreich, ControlTV?

ControlTV, launching as an online show on the DBG Video Network this fall, will let viewers control the life of a twenty-something man for the duration of the series; they’ll be able to tell him what to wear, eat, where to work, who to date and make other decisions both big and small for him. Weirdly enough, Green doesn’t seem to see how creepy that is, saying, “[W]e are eager to learn what they will decide for our protagonist, [and] are thrilled to partner with DBG, [and sponsors] Ford and Sprint on this groundbreaking new form of entertainment.” Fellow producer Richard Saperstein seems equally oblivious to the disturbance:

This show combines the voyeuristic pleasure of reality TV with the experience of control we get from video games. Plus, it’s all going to play out in real time. The concept takes interactivity to a whole new level, and we think it will be highly addictive.

And evil! Am I really the only person who finds this really, really disturbing? Seriously?

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