Children’s Book Explains What A Book Is

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Growing up in the digital age, kids these days sure know how to tweet and text. But, what ever happened to good old fashioned dog-eared paperback books from the library? You know, the kind you can drip ice cream on without worrying that it will short out or give to your next door neighbor without your mother yelling “YOU GAVE YOUR WHAT TO WHO!? DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THAT WAS!?”

Children’s author Lane Smith — who also penned/illustrated the hilarious The True Story of the Three Little Pigs — has written It’s A Book to remind the youth of today what good old print and paper looks like.

“Do you scroll down?” asks the confused bunny.

“No, you turn the page. It’s a book,” says the ancient, wise monkey in the outdated t-shirt.

The bunny looks even more confounded.

We’re suggesting he needs to write the sequel “It’s A Weekly Magazine.” Preferably soon.

And, no you cannot download this book onto your Kindle.