Who’s Ready For Hurricane Earl? All Four Major Cell Companies

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If you’re having trouble choosing a wireless carrier, I regret to inform you that to base your decision upon which of the Big Four is most prepared for Hurricane Earl is downright futile.

Is Sprint prepared for Hurricane Earl’s impact? Yes, according to a press release titled “Sprint is Prepared for Hurricane Earl’s Impact.”

Want proof?

“Sprint is staging backup generators, network engineers, emergency personnel and other critical assets in strategic locations along the Atlantic Coast to manage potential service impacts.”

Sure, Sprint is ready. But if there’s one company that’s not ready for Hurricane Earl, it surely must be AT&T.

Whup, spoke too soon: “AT&T Ready for Hurricane Earl.”

“Be sure you have a ‘hurricane phone.’ It’s a good idea to have a wireless phone on hand and at least one corded (landline) telephone that is not dependent on electricity in case of a power outage. Cordless telephones usually have receivers that are electronically charged, so they won’t work if you lose your power.”

Now if only there were a company that could sell you a “hurricane phone.”

Surely the lowly T-Mobile has taken no action whatsoever to prepare for Hurricane Earl… unless… oh, there it is: “T-Mobile Takes Action to Prepare for Hurricane Earl.” But how?

“[W]ith wireless network preparations underway throughout the Eastern Seaboard, especially from the Carolinas and north to the Canadian border. The company is fully mobilizing all necessary resources to restore service to its customers and emergency first-responders if its cell sites are affected by the storm.”

And last but not least, there’s Verizon– the only company willing to stand up to Earl’s continued threats against the East Coast: “Verizon Wireless Prepared As Hurricane Earl Continues To Threaten East Coast.”

Oooh, close monitoring of network activity? Verizon, you spoil us!

“Verizon Wireless has been monitoring network activity closely in coastal areas from the Mid-Atlantic to the New England states to ensure network capacity continues to serve customers readying themselves, their families and businesses for possible hurricane landfall.”

So there you have it. Which company will come out on top as the greatest cellular service provider in the history of severe weather?

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