HyperDrive External Hard Drive Can Transfer Files to iPad

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If you’ve got an iPad and Apple’s $29 Camera Connection Kit, you’re all set up for “the only hard drive in the market that can connect directly to the iPad without using a computer.”

That’s the HyperDrive, which was announced today.

As portable external hard drives go, it’s not cheap—not by a longshot. Pricing starts at $249 for just the enclosure with no hard drive, $299 for the 120GB version, and on up to $599 for the 750GB version. Free advice: If you’re going for the most storage possible, buy the enclosure for $249 and then pick up a 1TB laptop drive elsewhere for under $150.

While pricing is on the high side, you also get plenty of features: the ability to transfer files from the hard drive to an iPad, the ability to transfer files from memory cards directly to the drive, and a 3.2-inch color screen with what appears to be an easy to use interface for shuttling files around. Of course, the product also works as a standard, portable, computer hard drive.

The HyperDrive looks like it might be of interest to professional photographers who want to easily back up large image files to a portable drive, and then transfer the best ones for viewing on the iPad’s big screen.

[via Gizmodo]

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