NBC’s Chuck Returns Early Online And On Xbox

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Fans of NBC’s Chuck won’t have to wait until September 20th for more of the nerdy spy show after all; the series is launching a daily web series spin-off for the next week, tying into the launch of the videogame Halo: Reach. Who said this isn’t the era of unexpected cross-promotional marketing efforts?

The five-part series, Chuck Presents Buy Hard: The Jeff and Lester Story, follows what happened to series supporting characters Jeff and Lester following the finale of last season, where they (incorrectly) thought that they’d destroyed the BuyMore and took off for a life on the run. The two minute webisodes catch up with them living in their van but plotting to track down a copy of the new Halo game which, coincidentally, comes out the day after the series ends. The series launches today at TheWB.com and streaming on Xbox Live.

Chuck returns on NBC on September 20th, Halo: Reach is released September 14th.

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