Exclusive Video: Steve Young Football Tosses Wacky Football Action Onto the iPad

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EA’s Madden NFL franchise rules the sales charts every year and the franchise’s disciples like to think it the be-all and end-all of video game football. But there are things Madden doesn’t have. Like zombies. Like wild pigs. Like cyclones.

All of those show up in Steve Young Football, an iPad game which makes its debut on the App Store tomorrow. Develeoped by Vaporware Games, SYF plays like a mash-up of crazy tower-defense games like Plants vs. Zombies and the flick football you probably played in high school with a folded triangle of looseleaf paper. The gameplay happens in a top-down view and a finger flick or drag moves the tiny Steve Young character down the field. Players will have four downs to move Young downfield and if you don’t make it into the end zone, your opponent starts from your field position. Each player can set up obstacles to stop the opposing QB from gaining yardage. Pigs will barrel under the QB and carry him off their backs, cyclones will sweep Young off his feet and crazy fans will harass him for his autograph. You’ll have a set amount of money to purchase these defensive assets with and can deploy them wherever you want on the field. One cool feature is the extended field of play that you get when you line up two iPads next to each other. And when you’re playing multiplayer, you flip the coin by flipping your iPad.

You can see by the promo vid above that SYF definitely doesn’t take itself seriously. Young blurts out LOL-worthy lines during the game, like “Real quarterbacks run!” and the game exudes a funny vibe that harkens back to old-school sports games like Tecmo Bowl. iPad owners will get there shot at goofy gridiron greatness for $4.99 and the best part of the purchase is that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Forever Young Foundation. For more about the game, visit Vaporware Labs’ website and YouTube page.