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Thursday, September 9, 2010 –

Ali Larter Had A Hard Time Watching Resident Evil: Afterlife

Though she loved filming the movie, Ali Larter admitted she had a hard time watching the film during the Japanese premiere. See, although she loved learning the fight sequences and how to handle the guns, the pregnant actress said all the gore and shootouts was just a little too much for her to watch.

“When I watched it, and it was this constant barrage of gunfire and screaming, it was way too sensorial and overwhelming for me,” she admitted, though pointing out she’d want to see it again after she gives birth to her first child.

Funny enough, Ali as Claire in the movie gets into some really awesome fights and remains cool as a cucumber. The movie is shock full of explosions and zombies exploding into bits. Ali in real life though has went into super girly mode, watching “sappy romantic comedies” like Marley and Me and Notting Hill, taking about champagne and baby websites with Milla Jovovich.

J.J. Abrams To Return With The Dark Knight Scribe

We have it on Michael Ausiello’s good authority that J.J. Abrams is developing a show with Jonah Nolan. He’s the guy who’s half responsible for The Dark Knight and The Prestige. He’s never done TV, but if the show is going to be a crime-thriller, it’s in very good hands.

Let’s just hope that it’s not Inception: The TV Series starring the characters of Alias. That would just make our heads hurt too much.