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Friday, September 10, 2010

Quote to Live By:

“I could tell the minute she saw who I really was, she never wanted to look at me again, which is why I never told her,” Don Draper from Mad Men

Up Front:

Roger Ebert Back With Computer Assisted Voice To Present At The Movies [Chicago Sun-Times]


Get your free iPhone 4 bumper case before September 30 [Apple]
Video: Facebook Inches Past Google, Finally! 0.3% Difference = 1.3M Minutes [Gather]
Commodore Announces Commodore 64 [Ubergizmo]


Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review: Broken Mirros [Kotaku]
LoTR Aragorn’s Quest Behind the Scenes: John Rhys-Davies & Sean Astin [Game Trailers]
How Many Heroes Does It Take To Save A Princess? [IGN]


Jimi Hendrix and His Science Fiction Bookshelf [Galleycat]
Successful Troll of the Day [Daily What]
International Zombie Exchange: Dead Set and The Walking Dead Criss-Cross The Atlantic [Bleeding Cool]
Six Movies That Didn’t Realize They Let the Villain Win [Cracked]
Your Dalek Blueprints Are Enclosed [Letters of Note]
The Only Thing A Newspaper Is Better At [Newsday iPad App]


Uwe Boll Rants About His Auschwitz Movie [Vice]
Tim Allen Looking to Make a Big Comeback to Primetime Television [Collider]
New Monsters Trailer [Film Filia]
Resident Evil Director Paul Anderson Tells Us What Female Action Heroes Can Do That Men Can’t [io9]
First Trailer For The Epic New 2001: A Space Odyssey Documentary [Blastr]
Captain America Costume Photos From The Set of the Movie [Geek Tyrant]


Tweet, Tweet:

Nerdy Want:

Voltron 2G USB Drive (Incubot, $29.99)

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