So, Yeah, About That New Spider-Man Musical…

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We’ve tried to remain neutral about the Spider-man musical. (Okay, not really.)

The first song from the Bono/Edge collaboration was performed live on Good Morning America. If it’s any indication, the entire musical is going to sound like U2 the later years sung by mini Bono, who seems to be having some difficulty hitting some of the higher notes. It could just be the sound quality though, as the clip we found is from someone who taped the TV screen with his iPhone.

Hmm. Maybe it has a gripping story?

Well, director Julie Taymor tried to deflect attention away from the songs by talking about the plot in apparently what she believes is a Southern accent. She kept emphasizing that that there’s tons of new characters, a combination of characters to create the Green Goblin and a new story twist. Starting to get even more afraid?

“When he turns into Goblin, it’s a very different Goblin,” Taymor explained. “Then we have this thing in Act Two, where Spider-Man’s powers keep rising and rising and you meet what we call ‘The Sinister Six/Seven.’ We have Kraven, Carnage, Lizard, a new one we’ve created, Swiss Miss.”

Swiss Miss!? The Hot Chocolate Girl!? What is her power? Yodeling? Creating irresistible hot chocolate with marshallows?

With all this information, are you going to buy tickets to see Spidey on Broadway?