And the Winner of the Xbox 360 Slim, Halo: Reach Bundle Is…

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Thanks to everyone who entered our contest to win an Xbox 360 Slim and a copy of Halo: Reach. It was a tough decision as there were a lot of very compelling cases but in the end we decided to go with Moonknight4 and Valve.

I think a lot of the already stated developers are really good ideas: BioWare for their masterful story telling, Epic for their gritty action, and Gearbox because come on, Borderlands kicked a$$. While I think each one of these companies could churn out a great Halo game and make good money, I would go in a different direction.

In my opinion Valve would be your best bet. Valve has shown that they are a competent developer when dealing with both single player (Half-Life) and multiplayer (Team Fortress) first person shooters. I think Valve knows what they are doing in telling a compelling story via first-person perspective, and on a more selfish note I think a class-based system (ala TF2) would add variety as the story continues to focus less on Master Chief and more on the Spartans and humanity in general.

Additionally I feel that by utilizing STEAM Valve could easily distribute and update a new Halo game as well as capitalize on the recent media attention on PC gaming.

My second pick would be Konami, cause I think a stealth (Metal Gear) Halo would be sick.

Big shout out to our contest partner GameStop for providing the goods. We’ll have other giveaways and contests later on in the year, so stick around.

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