Hands-on With the Contour GPS

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What could make a wearable hands-free full HD camera better? How about GPS?

Seattle-based Contour announced just that this morning with the Contour GPS. Like its predecessor, the ContourHD, the GPS model records in full HD at 30fps with a 135-degree (110-degree at 1080p) viewing angle. A built-in GPS module updates a few times per second to accurately track each and every run. But like anything else these days, the hardware is only as good as the software that it’s paired with. A brand new video player is also launching with the Contour GPS when it becomes available next month. Alongside the video of your shenanigans, Contour has built a custom map on top of Google Maps to include lat/long, speed and elevation. (Check it out here.)

The software and player aren’t the only new things, though. Besides the built-in GPS chip, the GPS model has a few new external hardware updates. A spring-loaded hinge and locking mechanism now keep the battery cover in place. The on/off switch has been elevated a few centimeters millimeters making it easier to flip on and off with or without gloves.

A handful of new mounts will also ship next month, including ratcheting 360-degree mounts and a flexible mount that’s perfect for helmets or other curved surfaces. The Contour GPS will be out next month for $350.